The Fun Starts

The FUN starts when Guests of all ages dip their hand into our warm, soothing wax and feel a unique sensation as a colorful, wax mold of their hand is formed! Our Friendly and Trained Wax Hand Artists will help your Guests become Artists too as they create an exact wax replica of their hand to take as a souvenir. They will also provide a safe and FUN interactive experience for everyone!
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Fun For Everyone!
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Fundraiser Anyone? How about a Fundraiser! Have the Mayor, Police Chief, Fire Captain, Favorite Teacher, Coach, Minister, Principal or maybe a Movie Star, Singer, and Sports Hero create a Wax Hand and have an “Auction” for this treasured keepsake! The ideas are endless. Wax Hands R Fun is here to help!
Possible Designs The possible designs that can be molded are only limited by your imagination! The “Peace Sign""thumbs up", "Hang Loose, "OK", I love you" and "live long and prosper" are some of the most popular. Can you think of your own design? All you have to do is just “Dip it” then “Color It” and your wax creation will be a keepsake that can last for years!
The Ultimate Hands On Experience!
Wax Hands R Fun is definitely a "hands-on" interactive art form. We specialize in all types of events including: Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday’s, Schools, Reunions, Sweet16s, Festivals, Churches, Holiday Parties, and corporate events. And endless FUN!

We are excited to offer this fun, interactive activity for all ages. For the low cost of$699(for 3 hours), your event will include:

   ∙  Unlimited wax hands

   ∙  2 Wax Hand Artists

   ∙  Delivery, set up and removal

Fully Insured!

Wax Hands R Fun is fully insured and guarantees the highest quality wax and Friendly fully trained Professional wax hand creation specialists. We use only

the safest, non-toxic wax, providing a comfortable, soothing experience. We are 

dedicated to you and your guest’s safety.​​

Happy Days!
Are you looking for a fun and interactive party favor for
your next event? Do you want to provide your family and guests with the Ultimate “Hands On “and FUN interactive experience? Then Wax Hands R Fun and our Wax Hand Artists is the company for you! 

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